Skip log rotation at service restart?


Continuing the discussion from Filebeat's logs rotation malfunctioning:

Did you look into disabling log rotation at service restart? Would be a welcome feature.


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@antwan we currently have some discussion about allowing Filebeat to take care of the file rotation, here is the public issue.


Does that issue cover the rotation of Filebeats own log?

After configuring logging.files.rotateeverybytes for all Beats, I was hoping for a single log files until they grew to my configured size.

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Sorry confused the subject.

Which version of Filebeat you are running?

I know that we recently made changes in the log rotation and these should be present in 6.5.x.


I am at 6.4.2 for Beats. Next sprint Im going to bring ELK and Beats to 6.5.x so I'll look into rotation then. Thanks!

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