Sniffing paramter from elasticsearch plugin does not work with ES 5.0

Sniffing is not working becose the plugin is looking for a field http_address from _nodes that does not exists anymore in ES 5.0.0

Related issue in ES 5:

According to the code file ( its looking for the field 'http_address' from the http respond_nodes (http://myelastic:9200/_nodes)

That field was removed and they are proposing to obtain the address from _nodes/http, fields http.bound_address

 def check_sniff
  url, resp = perform_request(:get, '_nodes')
  parsed = LogStash::Json.load(resp.body)
  parsed['nodes'].map do |id,info|
    # TODO Make sure this works with shield. Does that listed
    # stuff as 'https_address?'
    addr_str = info['http_address'].to_s
    next unless addr_str # Skip hosts with HTTP disabled

Looking for issues at github, i can not find anything related to this....

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