Snmp agent configuration for logstash

I'm trying to pull data from snmp agent directly to logstash, i went through online documents but none of the are descriptive and show what exactly configuration to put on the smp agent. Also while there is plugins available for snmptrap and snmp, i'm not able to get everything working. I have setup a lab environment where snmp is agent is installed on RHEL-8 server and Ubuntu machine with ELK stack. I'm struggling to put right set of configuration in snmp agent so it can allow or send logs/data to logstash.

Can anyone please help me get this done or point me to documentation if there is any available.


Are you trying to send traps to logstash or have logstash poll? What have you tried?

I have got it working, i had confusion between snmp and snmptrap. I created separate configuration for both of these. Thanks for your response!

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