SNMP map Values to Router Interface


I am query my Router with SNMP with Logstash and I want to ask if it is possible to map the Fields for example ifHCOutOctets.1 to GigabitEthner1.ifHCOutOctets or something like that and the same also for ifHCInOctets.1.

This is my Logstash config which I have so far. This give me currently this as Output for each Interface: and


input {
  snmp {
    walk => [".", "."]
      hosts => [{host => "udp:" community => "public" version => "2c"  retries => 2  timeout => 1000}]

output {
   elasticsearch {
     hosts => [""]
     manage_template => false
     index => "snmp-%{+YYYY.MM}"

Thanks for any Help or Hint.


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