Some problem of logstash elapsed filter

I use elapsed filter to calculate events duration, but it has something wrong. The elapsed_time got negative number in my case.

config below:

Can someone help me?

Your start and end events coming in very quickly, 100ms from each other is that correct?

Thanks for your reply first. I got a search result for elpased_time between 0 to 1, like below pic.

Sometime elapsed get work when events between 100ms. But it maybe duration of events too fast to got this problem. And, I want to let it become normally to work correct. Hope for more discuss. Thanks.

Correct I think possibly the events are too fast

Have other solution?I want to use elapsed to do performance report.

I am unsure, perhaps raise a bug on github with the logstash team?

How many worker threads do you have configured for Logstash?

It has default setting, but I think it have 4 threads.

If I recall correctly, one of the major drawbacks with the elapsed and aggregate filters is that all related events have to pass through the same processing thread, thereby limiting Logstash to a single worker thread and instance. This naturally severely limits throughput and scales very badly. Try setting the number of worker threads to 1 to see if it resolves the accuracy issue.

A more scalable approach may be to have a periodic batch job that post-process events once they are in Elasticsearch, but although this is likely to scale better it does introduce a delay.

There are some wrong elapsed time after change the thread to 1 worker. Changing thread maybe let it work, but still have some wrong elapsed.

Ooes pipeline.batch.size and pipeline.batch.delay have to change?

What does the underlying events that contributed to an incorrect elapsed time look like if you view them in Kibana?

I take a few events picture. Its tag seem like missing start_tag.

Do my elapsed code wrong in logstash.conf? Doesn't have to use else if?

Hello, who can tell me where is going wrong?

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