_source field in jdbc output

Hello guys,

I'm new in logstash. I have a question how I can return _source field from elastic input to jdbc output. This is necessary for getting main fields and _source should be stored like varchar(max)

For example: table looks like this:
DataTable(id varchar(38), timestamp datetime, source nvarchar(max))

I read a lot of documents but still not have an a picture how I can do this. My pipeline:

      elasticsearch {
        hosts => ""
        index => "index*"
        query => '{"query":{"bool":{"filter":[{"bool":{"should":[{"match":{"API-Action":"APIRequest"}},{"match":{"API-Action":"APIResponse"}}],"minimum_number_should_match":1}},{"range":{"timestamp":{"gte":"now-1m/m","lt":"now/m"}}}]}},"size":10000}'
        docinfo => true
        size => 10000
        scroll => "1m"
output {
	jdbc {
		driver_jar_path => '/opt/jdbc/sqljdbc41.jar'
		connection_string => "jdbc:sqlserver://<servername>;databaseName=<databasename>;user=<user>;password=<password>"
		statement => ["INSERT INTO log ([APIAction], [Timestamp], [source]) VALUES(?, ?, ?)", "%{[@metadata][_id]}", "timestamp", "%{[@metadata][_source]}"]
        codec => json

Could some one please describe where I'm wrong? Or how ww can do this? Also I read about "target" option for elastic input plugin but there are says that I can't use it on output

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