Specify index when using elasticsearch logstash filter

Is it possible to specify an Index when I use the elasticsearch logstash filter? I can't possibly let it search through everything.

My google searches did not bring me any further, since googling for something with the words 'logstash, elasticsearch, filter' often leads to wrong results..

Are you talking about the elasticsearch input? Yes, it has an index parameter.

no ES filter does not yet has that option
but you can patch and add that option easily

Thanks for the responses.

@magnus, i was taling about http://logstash.net/docs/1.4.2/filters/elasticsearch
But niksfirefly answered the question already. Thanks!

hi niksfirefly, i'm in this trouble too, the logstash-filter-elasticsearch index param couldn't input like %{+YYYYMMDD}, since all my indices are in this format and i don't want to search for everything, how could i patch it?

Please start a new thread :slight_smile: