Specify Module Pipeline in Kubernetes Annotation

Is it possible to specify a custom pipeline for a module using hints-based autodiscover?

An Elastic team member pointed me to the documentation here - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/filebeat/master/advanced-settings.html

Using this approach with an autodiscover module's configuration works great. In this case, using the "Redis" module I can specify a custom Ingest Pipeline:


However we also have other Kubernetes pods where the Autodiscover configuration is performed using pod Annotations. This configuration doesn't seem to be working for RabbitMq in this case:

co.elastic.logs.rabbitmq/enabled: "true"
co.elastic.logs.rabbitmq/module: rabbitmq
co.elastic.logs.rabbitmq/module.log.input.pipeline: my-custom-pipeline

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