Split command in ruby by new line

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I am trying to split the message where ever a new line exist by ruby filter.

The command in the ruby code I use:

message_array = event.get('message').split("\n")

But the logstash doesn't start because of it.

It looks like logstash doesn't support the "\n"

message_array = event.get('message').split(\""}

Any workaround?


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Don't mix single and double quotes inside the Ruby code. You can't use the same kind of quote that you're using the delimit the Ruby code block.

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Sure, great.

So what should I do?

What do I need to do in order to split the event in new lines?

Thanks in advanced,

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As I said, use quotes consistently.

code => 'message_array = event.get("message").split("\n")'

Of course, to just split a string on newline characters you don't need a ruby filter, just use a mutate filter.

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