Split on multiple fields logstash. Is it possible?

(Saket Kumar) #1

Fields are like:
Time_FV: [0, 200,300,400]
Progess_FV: [10, 20,30,40]

Time_RV: [0, 200,300,400, 500]
Progess_RV: [10, 20,30,40, 90]

Can I use split {} for multiple fields? if not any possible way out.
split { field => "Time_FV" }
split { field => "Progess_FV" }
split { field => "Time_RV" }
split { field => "Progess_FV" }

(Magnus Bäck) #2

Do you mean that you want the first value of Time_FV, Progress_FV, Time_RV, and Progress_RV to be split into one message, the second value of each list to become a second message, and so on? That's probably not possible.

(Saket Kumar) #3

yes exactly! is there any workaround or other way to achieve that...

(Magnus Bäck) #4

You'll probably have to write a custom plugin.

(Saket Kumar) #5

I just read about Clone{} and also saw one example to split array without target....

do you think it would be helpful for my problem statement?

(system) #6