Split single line log into multiple line log using filebeat

Hi All,

I have a single long line and i wanted to split the single log line into multiple line.

Here I want to skip the log whenever E2ETRACEEVENT comes

So the output should be like:

Let me know if we can use any ingest pipeline for that to put new line in between the line

Hi @Gaurav_kr

Kindly share an example of the log.

Hi @ibra_013 please find a example below.

So the log will look like this but it contains similar format in a single line

0308WIN-CE7FJ4QU6SHService Version = Version =

In the above I want to split when ever the log starts with <E2ETraceEvent

So in shot the single log should be read as 2 log using pipeline or any other methods i am using filebeat to harvest the logs

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