Splitting nested /hierarchal documents in Logstash

Hello, I'm using Logstash to read external REST API and feed elastic search. the API data looks like this:

    ArrayOfParent: [
    Parent: {
    ArrayOfChildTypeOne: [
    {ID: 1, Name: child1}
    ArrayOfChildTypeTwo: [
    {ID: 2, Name: child2}
    ArrayOfChildTypeThree: [
    {ID: 3, Name: child3}

My aim is to save the parent as a separate document and each child as a separate document as well, let's say the output should look like:

  • Doc1: parent
  • Doc2: child1
  • Doc3:child2
  • Doc4:child3

How can I do this in logstash? is there a better tool than logstash for this?

Thank you!

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