Spring Cloud Stream and Elastic Java APM Agent


There's an older similar question here: Does Elastic APM support Spring Cloud Stream?

But that's four years old at this point. Can someone confirm whether there's support for APM tracing of RabbitMQ with Spring Cloud Stream yet?


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Hi @SeanPlacchetti ,

Since the post you linked there have been several enhancements in Messaging / RabbitMQ instrumentations, we however haven't explicitly tested with spring cloud stream.

Therefore the best thing for you would be to try it out and report back whether you see any transactions and spans.

In case it doesn't work out of the box, the manual instrumentation approach in the linked post is still the route to go, You should however use OpenTelemetry instead of OpenTracing.

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It seems like it worked! Probably good to update your documentation to include Spring Cloud Stream.


In general we only list technologies as supported in our documentation when we have an integration test for the technology continuously verifying everything works as expected. So we likely won't explicitly mark spring-cloud-stream as supported in the docs without first having such a test in place.

However, oftentimes the technologies are built on top of already supported frameworks. Just like in your case, it's best to simply try it out.

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