Spring controller hiden behind DispatcherServlet#do*

Kibana version:

I got exctly the same issue as Remove spring DispatcherServlet from transactions - #18 by ethranes

See screenshot

I'm using Spring Boot 3.0.x with agent elastic-apm-agent-1.36.0.jar

I tried given solution that seems to be adding following parameter to my agent


but I still have same behaviour. Any additional recommandation on this ?

Spring Boot 3 support has been added in APM Agent version 1.38.0, so it is not supported by the version you are using.

Please upgrade to the latest agent version, this should fix your issue.

Make sens. I try that thanks

Also a good alternative I found in your documentation this morning:


in association with


Make the job showing the API endpoints (not the Spring controller)

Alternative doesn't group all element correctly

Update to 1.43 solved the issue

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