Sprintf reference in grok pattern (help me~!)

logstash filter code

         grok {
                  patterns_dir => ["/etc/logstash/patterns/ssk-patterns"]
                  match => {"message" => "%{[fields][log_type]}"}           

[fields] [log_type] variable is the fields set in filebeat.
The above code does not work.

error code output

:exception=>#<Grok::PatternError: pattern %{[fields][log_type]} not defined

I want to apply different patterns to each filebeat without using if statements.
I couldn't solve it for 5 days.

You won't be able to do that as both general Logstash and grok use %{} for different purposes.

Thank you for answer.
If so, is there any way to apply a different pattern to each filebeat without using an if statement?

You can include multiple patterns in the match parameter of your grok filter.

grok {
  match => {
    "[message]" => [

Other than that, you will need if statements.


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Thank you for answer.
It was very helpful.