Starting listener on port commented out in config ...?

I commented one of two my inputs in config file, but I can see in logs that it is still starting...

13:59:39.989 [[main]<udp] INFO  logstash.inputs.udp - Starting UDP listener {:address=>""}
13:59:39.995 [[main]-pipeline-manager] INFO  logstash.inputs.tcp - Starting tcp input listener {:address=>""}

below relevant part of my config:

input {
udp {
port => 11514
type => "threat"
#workers => 4
queue_size => 8000 # default 2000
#tcp {
#port => 11666
#type => "debug"

Keep in mind that Logstash (prior to 6.0 anyway) reads all configuration files in /etc/logstash/conf.d. Perhaps you have a backup file or something with the tcp listener intact.

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