Storage Size for ECE Cluster

When creating a new cluster in ECE, there is a fixed amount of storage allocated to the cluster based on the amount of RAM selected.

Is this storage immediately reserved by the cluster upon creation of the cluster?

For example, when creating a 32GB RAM cluster with the data.default deployment template, the storage allocated is 1024GB.

If the disk size is only 900GB, is it possible to create the cluster first, then scale up the storage as more data is indexed into the cluster?

The storage is not reserved and we do no validation, we allow the operator to overprovision (of course really bad things happen if you then use up all the space!)


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Thanks for the clarification. I created a 32GB RAM deployment using the default template. During the creation process, the activity list showed that ECE checks for disk space.

For this disk storage check, what is it checking for?

The new deployment "takes up" 1,024GB of storage yet it could be set up successfully on a 900GB partition.

I believe that step checks that the amount of actual data in a cluster will fit on the allocator (this is of course 0 bytes at creation time so it works trivially, but the same step is also run for upgrades)


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