Strigo Lab Session Won't Start (again)

(Rudy Amid) #1

I had this problem with the on-demand training session before. I paused my "Log Pipeline Workflows" training in Lab 1, and when I go into Lab 2 a couple of days later, the Strigo session keeps saying "My Course Has Ended" and I can't force it to log out. The steps that Elastic did was to force a logout or reset on the backend server. Can you please do this again, or have it fixed so the next time I may able to resume properly?


(Nathan Zamecnik) #2

Hi Rudy,

It looks like there was a bug in our on-demand lab environment. I was able to reenroll you but you'll have to start from Lab 1 again.

I've sent a note to our vendor for the lab environment so they can investigate what went wrong.

Thank you for letting us know about this issue!


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