Stuck with something related to Date

I am new to using the ELK stack and running into the following problem ->

I have a CSV file with the following format ->

"string1" , "string2" , "string3" , "2016-06-26" , "string4"

My mapping in elasticsearch creates properties for strings 1,2,3 and 4 of type string and a property of type date with the following format : yyyy-MM-dd"

My date filter looks like ->

date {
match => ["Timestamp", "yyyy-MM-dd"]
target => "@timestamp"

So far all is good .

I can see in Kibana that @timestamp is as expected , ( same as Timestamp )

However , I can't seem to get the following sorted out ->

(1) My date is off by one . For example , if my date string in my csv file is 2016-06-26 , it shows up as 2016-06-25 in elasticsearch/kibana .

(2) The timepicker in Kibana doesn't work . Even assuming dates off by one , if i filter for records between 1 may 2016 to 31 may 2016 I would have expected it to show something . But this filtering does not work .

  • note that i am able to build visualizations and dashboards and all the records get indexed .

Any help highly appreciated .

Is it a TZ issue?
Cause LS+ES assumes UTC, and then KB changes that to local based on the browser.