Sum Aggregation returning very small, unrelated values

Unfortunately this is a known issue with dynamic mappings on 1.x. If two of your shards get a document at the same time, and one is mapped as a long and the other one as a double, then the master node will reject the 2nd mapping which is applied, but the shard with the wrong mapping will continue to index documents using the wrong type. Usually, the problem becomes visible when nodes are moved around, because then elasticsearch starts either interpreting some double bits as longs (and you would see huge number) or long bits as double (and you would typically see tiny numbers, like here). When hit by this bug, there is not other choice but to reindex. One way to prevent it from happening again in the future would be to configure mappings explicitely.

On 2.0, this issue will be fixed as dynamic mappings will have to be validated on the master node first before being applied. You can look at for more information.

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