SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification

I have setup logstash to parse logs and then later push them to elasticsearch.
here is my config file:
elasticsearch {
hosts => ["https://my_hosts:443"]
ssl => true
ssl_certificate_varification => false

but i am still getting this error :
{:timestamp=>"2016-12-08T06:29:26.031000+0000", :message=>"** WARNING ** Detected UNSAFE options in elasticsearch output configuration!\n** WARNING ** You have enabled encryption but DISABLED certificate verification.\n** WARNING ** To make sure your data is secure change :ssl_certificate_verification to true", :level=>:warn}
{:timestamp=>"2016-12-08T06:29:26.815000+0000", :message=>"PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target", :class=>"Manticore::ClientProtocolException", :level=>:error}
{:timestamp=>"2016-12-08T06:29:26.890000+0000", :message=>"Pipeline main started"}

But i am able to connect to my to my host via curl
curl -k https://my_hosts/

I have a total of 5 data nodes, of which 1 is master.

I am reading logs from using file input plugin.
Logstash version : 2.x
Elasticsearch version : 2.3

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