Support for dynamic values in table_prefix and date_pattern in the BigQuery Logstash output plugin

Im using kafka and BigQuery as input and output plugins. Events coming from kafka are stored in BigQuery. But I want to attach the table_prefix with some field in the events.
For example, if the event contains "userId": "12345", then the table prefix I want will be
table_prefix => "logs_%{userId}"
but the table creates with the literal string like logs_%{userId}_date.
Similar for the date_pattern. when i try to create a table with the event timestamp date, im not able to create it. the table creates with literal string
for example,

date_pattern => "%{date}"

Here the date is "20240708", but the table creates like this logs_%{date}

How to handle this in Logstash? Is there any way to create the dynamic table name from the event field names?

For reference: Google BigQuery output plugin | Logstash Reference [8.14] | Elastic

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I do not think so, the code just concatentes the three parts of the table id. An issue was opened four years ago requesting that the output sprintf these options.

Thanks for the reply @Badger . Is there any alternative way to achieve this using Logstash ?