Support for wso2-synapse


I need to know if apm-agent-java can support wso2-synapse ?
Here are the list of dependencies

Do i need to upgrade the spring version or jetty ? or apache synapse ?
There are many dependencies for this project.

Please help or i can send more information

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Hi @jvkassi welcome to the forum !

I don't know about the synapse project, but by looking at the dependencies the servlet API is included, and it's something that Elastic APM agent supports out of the box.

However, I don't know if all transactions are using this API, which means the next thing to do is to try adding the agent to an instance of this application, execute a few requests on the application, and see what is being captured.


Thans for the response !
I go this, but it doesn't contain request going through the synapse

I am using

And wso2-synapse is a dependency.
I think the issue concern spring-boot. Wso2-synapse is using a old version spring-framework 1.2.8

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