Symbolic link to logstash.log file not working


I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue.

I've installed logstash 1.5.4 on an amazon linux box and everything works fine. Because this runs in production, the log file /var/log/logstash.log tends to fill up very quickly and so I've decided to add an ebs volume and put the logstash.log onto this volume so that if the log file fills up, it doesn't make the device run out of space and then consequently shut down logstash.

When I have added the ebs volume and then created a symbolic link to the log file, on this volume, from /var/log/logstash.log. When I now check the logstash.log file, no errors are now being recorded even though the logstash service is running.

Is it possible to get symbolic links working with logstash-1.5.4? If so can someone tell me how?

Many thanks

How about symlinking the whole log directory to a directory on the EBS volume? Apart from possibly fixing your current problem it should make it easier to enable log rotation.