Syslog input, received character set?

(Craig Foote) #1

I'm on linux using the logstash syslog input and ruby debug output but am getting this error:

Received an event that has a different character encoding than you configured. {:text=>"\\u0000\\u0005 ...", :expected_charset=>"UTF-8", :level=>:warn}

I added:

codec => plain {charset => "ISO-8859-1"}

... and am getting no error but the "message" is still not legible (\u0016\u0003, etc.). I've tried a couple other character sets with no better results.

Is there any way I can determine on the receiving end what charset is being used? Perhaps in a ruby filter? The log sender is saying he's using syslog out of the box and is not aware of charset being used.

(Craig Foote) #2


I added some ruby code in a filter:

        code =>"
            e = event['message'].encoding;
            puts e;

The output is "UTF-8"! But does this indicate what I'm receiving is UTF-8 or is it being converted somehow before the encoding output?

(Craig Foote) #3

The sender of the syslogs records is now telling me that his text is encrypted. The Logstash syslog input plugin doesn't seem to have that facility so now I'm trying a combination of the tcp input plugin and a grok filter but I'm not getting much farther. I'm specifying ssl_enable=>true and am specifying the same crt file for ssl_cacert as he's using for "DefaultNetstreamDriverCAFile" in his syslog config. The error I'm now getting is:

Could not initialize SSL context {:exception=>#TypeError: can't convert nil into String>, :backtrace=>["org/jruby/ 'read'", "org/jruby/ 'read'",<more but too long to type in>

My config is now:

        port => 5140
        ssl_enable => true
        ssl_cacert => "/etc/httpd/connf/myCAcert.crt"
# filter{
#    grok{
#        ...
#    }
    stdout{codec => rubydebug}

I don't see where the nil string is coming from. Do I need to specify ss_cert, ssl_key and ssl_key_passphrase?

(Craig Foote) #4

Found a nice article at but I'd still like more information on the SSL config options. For instance if I set the ssl_cert option to the sender's public .cer file, do I need to set the ssl_key and ssl_key_passphrase options? And is the ssl_cacerts option supposed to be the truststore file with the public certificates of all the people I can trust?

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