Syslog/UDP input plugin : No message receive from Dell Blade switch

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I'm replacing existing syslog with ELK setup.

I tried to send some devices syslog message, all messages are received by logstash [ syslog Plugiin ] without any issue. EXCEPT "dell Blade switch". I don't know why.

To ensure the packet atleast reaches the syslog server that sent by Switch , I run "tcpdump". below is log

13:46:42.557571 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 62, id 63117, offset 0, flags [none], proto UDP (17), length 160) > SYSLOG, length: 132
	Facility local7 (23), Severity notice (5)
	Msg: Dec 26 08:17:02: TG-TES-ED-QWS-R1: %MXL-10/40GbE:0 %OFAGT-5-OFA_AGT_LOG: OFA: Registeration with OFM not completed, retrying...
	0x0000:  4500 00a0 f68d 0000 3e11 01f5 0a15 6302  E.......>.....c.
	0x0010:  0a0b 0ca9 f07c 0202 008c 41d7 3c31 3839  .....|....A.<189
	0x0020:  3e44 6563 2032 3620 3038 3a31 373a 3032  >Dec.26.08:17:02
	0x0030:  3a20 5047 2d4c 4153 2d44 432d 4d58 4c2d  :.TG-TES-ED-QWS-
	0x0040:  5231 3a20 254d 584c 2d31 302f 3430 4762  R1:.%MXL-10/40Gb
	0x0050:  453a 3020 254f 4641 4754 2d35 2d4f 4641  E:0.%OFAGT-5-OFA
	0x0060:  5f41 4754 5f4c 4f47 3a20 4f46 413a 2052  _AGT_LOG:.OFA:.R
	0x0070:  6567 6973 7465 7261 7469 6f6e 2077 6974  egisteration.wit
	0x0080:  6820 4f46 4d20 6e6f 7420 636f 6d70 6c65  h.OFM.not.comple
	0x0090:  7465 642c 2072 6574 7279 696e 672e 2e2e  ted,.retrying...

It completely shows, the packet reaches the logstash "syslog" input filter port. But I don't know why it was not logged in the file.

For testing, I send message from Cisco Switch/Router to the same syslog input filter , It logged successfully.

I've only doubt, why the log messages is unable to receive by logstash input plugin [ EVEN tested UDP ] also.

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What does your Logstash input/output/filter configuration look like?

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