Systemd version conflict / bug on journalbeat

Hi all,

Our journalbeat deployed on the Kubernetes cluster and stopped shipping logs to the elasticsearch via logstash suddenly. We got this error message first:

/var/log/journal/ec28d502b342fad1a4d44d3a101845cf/system@643e63d4269b4f10b3c28c4699a271a3-0000000000000001-0005b70da77d609f.journal uses an unsupported feature, ignoring file.

We have identified the issue with the Elk stack and fixed in the sandbox environment. Problem is 'systemd 246' version where 'zstd' compression algorithm was introduced, and this version not compatible with older systemd versions. Once we downgraded CoreOS version (from Fedora 33 to Fedora 31) now everything is fine.

Could you provide the compatibility between these versions?


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