Table name with a multiple /

Hey Gurus,
I've a table with the name having / in its name. I tried using the escape sequence and it still throws and unidentified table name. The table name is /BI0/PPS and schema is ER3. Its an oracle 12c table. The statement looks like this
select plant from er3./BI0/PPS and select plant from er3./BI0/PPS, both throw invalid table name error. I've tried using both upper and lower case as well. Any ideas?

This isn't as much a Logstash question as it is an Oracle question. Have you tried double-quoting the table name?

Hey, Thanks for the response. I was able to figure it out. I used a /' before the table name and at the end, that did the trick. I do not have to use that when using sql developer tool.

Thanks for the response.

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