Tcp input is broken on Z/os socket

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i'm sending json messages over TCP sockets from Mainframe using a REEXX/socket and it worked for me flawlessly from version 5.0 through 5.50,
when i upgraded the stack to version 6.0(skipped 5.6) the messages aren't showing up i reinstalled logstash removed all the other config files removed the filter statements and only left: input tcp with some port and output stdout rubydebug when i connected to the port with my workstation using telnet i saw the message instantly on logstash but when i send a message from the mainframe nothing happens.
after some trial and error i found that when i change the input from tcp to syslog i'm getting the message and it's working like old versions of logstash did.
to me it looks like a bug in the logstash-tcp-input do you have any idea what's causing it?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi someone have an idea?

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