TCP output reconnect interval setting

The reconnect interval setting for TCP output plugin is by default 10. What would happen if I set it to 0. Does it mean logstash would not attempt to reconnect to the destination at all?

No, it means that it would attempt to reconnect immediately after the disconnect.

how do you configure this tcp output to ignore the connection if the destination is not up? I have encountered an issue whereby my logstash would not write to local file at the same time when the destination is not up. i.e. I am sending a copy of the log to file as well as to destination.

Logstash does not have configurable "ignore" behavior. If one output pushes back because of errors the whole pipeline is stalled.

Thanks. What could be a workaround for this kind of situation?

You could solve it by posting events to a queue that separate Logstash instances subscribe to. If one of the instances is having issues its events will remain in the queue until things have cleared up.

Thanks how do we run a separate instance of logstash?

The details depends on how you're currently running Logstash, but in the end you'll have to run two Logstash processes with their own data directory, their own log directory, and their own set of configuration files.

Thanks. I guess when I start the second instance, the port number for syslog would be different as well, am i correct to say that? since port 514 is already binded by the first instance.

Why would you even have a second syslog listener?

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