Tell Logstash to ignore old files in s3 bucket

I'm using the Logstash s3 plugin to ingest logs from a partner's S3 bucket.

Logstash itself runs in a container, so its sincedb is not persistent. When the container re-starts, Logstash restarts and begins ingesting logs from that bucket since the beginning of time.

delete or backup_to_bucket is not really an option because it's not my bucket to manage.

Is there a way I can tell Logstash to ignore anything older than ~1 day?

Can I seed sincedb with a date? e.g. before Logstash starts, can I echo a date in the format 2020-01-31 07:01:33 +0000 (where that date is ~one day ago) to:


What is the syntax for the hash on the name of the sincedb file? e.g. sincedb_ca090558edfcc5759ac626c813a5a2c2. Or I can just make this whatever I want and use sincedb_path.

Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance. -Clark

This thread is about dropping events using the output of an age{} filter. It would still read the bucket, but not reprocess all the data.

That's great, thank you! I have also since implemented that sincedb workaround and believe startup times are much better now. Appreciate the follow up!

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