Term vector of all documents

I have a corpus of documents indexed . I also stored the term vectors when indexing. Now I want to retrieve term vectors of all documents satisfying some filtering options.
I was able to get term vector for a single document or for a set of documents by providing the document IDs. But is there a way to get term vectors for all the documents without providing document IDs?
Eventually what I want to do is to get the frequency counts of all the terms in a field, for all documents in an index (i.e., a bag of words matrix).

I am using elasticsearch-py as a client.

Appreciate any pointers. Thanks!

For this task, is there a way to aggregate on termvectors for a field?

There is no way to aggregate on term_vectors. The only way to retrieve term_vectors that I'm aware of is per document id, the way to retrieve them for all documents matching a query would be to run a search scroll and retrieve term_vectors for each document returned by id. Actually there's also the multi term vector api that allows to retrieve term_vectors for multiple documents at the same time which is a better fit, so you could batch them.

Yes, I tried the multi-termvector approach, but still I have to provide the list of document IDs which is huge, in the order of hundreds of millions.