The Docs search on is not working

Sorry if it's not the right place but there's problem to search the docs, for example if I search "multi" with version 7.0 and above I have several results in the suggest list and in the result page. For version 7.1 there's only one result in the suggest and 3 on the result page.

Somebody forget to reindex the docs?

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It seems to be working for me. Was it empty for you?

Sorry. I see what you mean.

I tracked this down to it's root cause. I'm not yet clear on how intentional it is. We intentionally made a change but I'm not sure it should have had such blast radius.

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Now to search doc I search against version 7.0 then when I foudn the correct page I change the url to 7.1 (as typing current take more time).

Also maybe not related to the original problem but for example on this page:
if you click on the top link

You are looking at preliminary documentation for a future release. Not what you want? See the current release documentation.

You are redirected to top page which is not what I expect as the current version of the page exist:

Thanks again for your great work (you and all the team :heart_eyes:) and help!

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