The Elastic Stack 7.0 has liftoff πŸš€

The Elastic Stack 7.0 has liftoff :rocket::rocket:

This release represents more than 10,000 pull requests from 861 committers, so first, a big thank you to our employees and community. :pray:

Elasticsearch surges with faster top k queries, more resilient cluster coordination, nanosecond time support, and more. Kibana refreshes its look with a dark mode everywhere option, fresh designs, and a new global navigation.

Learn more with the release post:

Join us for a live virtual launch event on April 25, 2019, at 8 am PDT

Try it out
Elastic Stack 7.0 is immediately available for download, or you can spin up fully managed deployments on the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud β€” the only hosted solution to offer new Elastic Stack versions the day they launch.

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