The live_reloading wouldn't caused the original prospector stopped?

I found the information about filebeat live_reloading in the following URL:

And it states "When the files found by the Glob change, new prospectors and/or modules are started and stopped according to changes in the configuration files."

What's meaning? suppose I started a filebeat instance, and there is just one log file to watch, so there is one original prospector would be created and running, then I changed the config file, so based on description in the URL, the filbeat would create a new prospector , right ? So there are two prospectors running and dealing with the same log file in the same time ? The original prospector wouldn't be stopped automatically when the new prospector created?

Hi @jackyshen,

If you update the existing one Filebeat will detect the change and stop the existing prospector to create a one with the new config.

If you want to launch a new prospector you will need to create a new config file in the config reloading folder.

Best regards

Got it,and thanks

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