The logstash container crashes the network of the host machine and then exit with OOM killer


I am trying to run a logstash 7.14.1 with docker-compose to collect logs from multiple files and write them to a remote Elasticsearch.

After starting, logstash manages to send my logs to Elasticsearch without problems but after a while, my machine's network crashes for a few minutes (5 to 10 minutes) until there is an OOM kill signal for the logstash container.

I tried to limit the memory and cpu usage for my logstash container but still I will have the same problem.

knowing that the docker stats command does not show a memory/cpu overload.

It seems that the Out Of Memory is like a side effect and is not the origin of the problem.

Other information may be useful, I had the problem on a "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 (Ootpa)" and I could not reproduce the problem on a centos 8.

Thank you

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