The PHP application is not coming up, After Configuring APM PHP Agent

Kibana version: 7.16.2

Elasticsearch version: 7.16.2

APM Server version: 7.15.2

APM Agent language and version: apm-agent-php_1.5.2_all.apk

  • For Elasticsearch, kibana and APM using docker images

Steps Used:

  1. I have one php application using(php:8.1-fpm-alpine)image and configured APM PHP Agent with Dockerfile below instructions
    RUN wget
    RUN ls -la
    RUN apk add --allow-untrusted ./apm-agent-php_1.5.2_all.apk
    and APM parameters passed through bitbucket deployment variables, but the application is crashing it seems a mis-behavior of the APM library. For reference providing the logs of the application.

Errors logs of the application:
Waiting for database to be ready...
The database is now ready and reachable
[OK] Already at the latest version
[OK] Public keys have been stored.
[20-Sep-2022 11:28:13] NOTICE: PHP message: PHP Warning: Can't preload already declared class ReflectionEnum in /srv/api/vendor/laminas/laminas-code/polyfill/ReflectionEnumPolyfill.php on line 8
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60+2 seconds exceeded (terminated) in Unknown on line 0

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