The progress of execution changed from high to low in the search operation

I'm going to test the search performance of an index

  "schedule": [
  "operation": {
"name":"N clients randomly query 10,000 data",
"operation-type": "search",
    "param-source": "randomly-query"
  "warmup-iterations": 20,
  "iterations": 500,
  "target-throughput": 200,

The execution progress becomes lower In the search operation, like this:
50% done -> 47% done -> 52% done ...

Finally, rally terminates with the following error

 73% done]
 [ERROR] Cannot race. Load generator [%d] has exited prematurely.

Is this related to The number of clients in search operation? If yes, would you consider closing this, so that we can focus on the other ticket? Thanks.

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