There are wrong values with memory usage in kubernetes metricbeat module

Hi team, Having an issue with the values of this metric. kubernetes.node.memory.usage.bytes
Looks like is not taking the proper values, for example:

I am using that metric to get the memory usage but is not the correct number, If I compare for example with kubectl command:
Do you have any idea if there is a bug using this field?


Looks like all memory size and CPU total are the same for some reason. @ChrsMark Could you double check on this to see if it's a bug please? TIA!!

Hey @Kaiyan_Sheng , yes looks like there is an issue reported in github but not sure if was fixed.


Thanks! What version of Metricbeat are you running?

Hi @Kaiyan_Sheng. We are using 7.12.1 version

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