There seems to be a bug in 7.10.2's builtin ml job windows_rare_user_type10_remote_login


I noticed the windows_rare_user_type10_remote_login ml job didn't produce a lot of data anymore.. To be sure there was nothing going on with an outdated builtin configuration, I re-added this ml job with the provided wizard.

But again the ml job did not produce any data. So I checked the query and noticed the event.type value in the query still points to an older value:


event.type for type 10 RDP events is now start


This might already be fixed in 7.11, but I don't have a 7.11 cluster yet (ad bug...), so I can't check.



Thanks Willem for investigating and reporting this. You are correct, the event.type field value has changed. I will see about updating the query and I opened an issue here: [Security Solution] Refactor RDP ML job for field changes · Issue #91910 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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