Throttle filter sends 3x e-mails

(marc) #1


I've created a filter to throttle issolatelly messages from several servers. When the systems receives 50 equal messages from an specific server i add a tag "e-mail".
Output sends e-mail when a message have this tag. However, It send 3 e-mails insted of sending one.

I don't why, is there something wrong in my config?

throttle {
before_count => 24
after_count => 26
period => 300
key => "[%{host}][ws_bingobombo]"
add_tag => "error_ws_bingobombo"
if "error_ws_bingobombo" not in [tags] {
mutate {
add_tag => ["email_ws_social_error"]


(Mark Walkom) #2

And what do your outputs look like?

(marc) #3

Hi warkolm,

if "email_ws_social_error" in [tags] {
email {
to => "addresses"
address => "my server ip"
body => "Error ... [HOST:%{host}]--[TIME:%{time}]"
domain => "my domain"
from => ""
subject => "[%{host}] - Error"
via => "smtp"

I don't understand why is sending 3 e-mail, within the same time (2 seconds between them)

(Kishore) #4

Hi Marc,

Throttle condition which you had written is not throttling 24th, 25th and 26th events, therefore as per your condition if "error_ws_bingobombo" not in [tags] it will generate 3 email alerts for those three events.

If you wish to generate single alert change count as before_count => 24, after_count => 24.

(marc) #5

Hi Kishore909,

I've cheked documentation and you are right, it doesn't throttle events 24 and 26... i didn't realized.

Thank you

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