@timestamp - Epoch - Illegal Date Format exception

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Hi All,

ES index is having a field with the mapping as below.

"@timestamp": {
"format": "epoch_millis",
"type": "date"

From logstash i want to populate this field with custom timestamp obtained from input document. The custom time stamp is in millis and i have used the filter

match => ["time_mills","UNIX_MS"]
target =>"@timestamp"

however during indexing it fails complaining the time format issue. Can you please help

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

The date filter always produces an ISO8601 timestamp that can't be stored in your @timestamp field.

If you already have the time in milliseconds in the time_millis field, why would you need a date filter? Just copy the field value to the @timestamp field.

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I had tried the below but got the same issues hence went with date filter

filter {
mutate {
copy => { "time_millis" => "@timestamp" }

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