TimeStamp Preserve 6 digit ms

Hi ,
Time ms upto 6 digit is crucial in our case, how to use 6 digit ms. in elastic truncating ms after 4 digit.
Transactional system each ms is very important.

ex Format : yy:mm:dd hh:mm:ss:SSSSSSZ

elastic format : yy:mm:ddThh:mm:ss:SSSZ

Six-digit milliseconds are microseconds :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Elasticsearch only supports millisecond resolution for timestamps.

it doesn't support right. using unix timeformat store will it be helpfull.

using unix timeformat store will it be helpfull.

If this is a question I don't understand what you mean.

Is it possible to store and retrieve timestamp value in unix long value. while fetching convert it back to timestamp with microseconds. because at microsecond level we are keep tracking transactions and system behaviour and performance chart, this is essential.

You can certainly store the timestamp in long fields but ES won't be able to treat such fields as timestamps.

in feature this feature can be provided?

There's probably a GitHub issue in the Elasticsearch project that covers higher resolution dates.

ok sure i'll check it out. Thanks alot. :slight_smile:

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