TLS Versions - Packetbeat 6.1.1


I've recently started using packetbeat 6.1.1 to make use of the new TLS module.

It works really well, however I'm puzzled as to why the TLS versions are 3.x as opposed to the proper versioning (1.x).

I'm assuming the numbering is to follow up from SSL 3.0? So, TLS version 3.1 is essentially TLS 1.0, 3.3 is TLS 1.2?

"server_hello": {
"version": "3.3",

Would it not make more sense to just use the proper TLS version?


Hi jamesspi,

The TLS module uses the internal versioning in the TLS protocol, which follows up from SSL 3.0, as you said.

We have an issue to fix this already:

Should be fixed by 6.1.2 / 6.2.0

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Fantastic, thanks @adrisr!

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