Topbeat not sending accurate proc.user_p data


I have been working with topbeat for last few weeks, but suddenly CPU Disk usage per process begin to show no data.
When i checked, i found out topbeat is not sending accurate data for all top process.

"proc": {
    "cpu": {
      "user": 0,
      "user_p": 0,
      "system": 0,
      "total": 0,
      "start_time": "Jun03"
    "mem": {
      "size": 0,
      "rss": 0,
      "rss_p": 0,
      "share": 0
    "name": "ext4-dio-unwrit",
    "pid": 32267,
    "ppid": 2,
    "state": "sleeping",
    "username": "root"

Kibana is giving me this message, this area may contain partial data , the selected time range does not fully cover it.

it used to work earlier, it is not showing data for process occupying maximum disk usage.

I think , for most of the process the data is having 0% proc.cpu.ser_p , so how can i make it ignore all process with 0% cpu usage ?

Did you load the template for topbeat into elasticsearch? Which topbeat version are you using?

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