Topbeat server configuration question

Hello, all.

I've just installed Topbeat on a node and, of course, want to capture data and view it in Kibana. I do have it working (topbeat.yml configured to use logstash as output), but all the Topbeat data end up in the logstash-* indices. I'd like to get the Topbeat data into topbeat-* indices, but everything else into logstash-*. Can this be done? If so, I take it I have to set up it up in my logstash output configuration? How?

Many thanks.

Here's how: Installing Logstash (Optional) | Beats Platform Reference [1.2] | Elastic

Thanks, Andrew.

I've read that doc, but in my setup, it doesn't work. I have three config files: 02-input.conf, 15-filters.conf, and 30-elasticsearch-output.conf. 02-input.conf has the beats input section in it:

input {
beats {
port => 5044

30-elasticsearch-output.conf has the following output stanza:

output {
elasticsearch { hosts => [""] }
stdout { codec => rubydebug }

As I understand it, since no index is specified, logstash-* is used by default. That's fine for everything but Topbeat, which I'd like to use topbeat-* indices. That said, how do I specify that Topbeat specifically use the topbeat-* indices.

Hope I'm clear about what I'm after.

You can use a conditional statement around your outputs in order to have two different output paths. Here's a great example from Magnus.

Reference: Logstash | Event Dependent Configuration


That worked a treat - thank you so much! And to Magnus, too!


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