Transferring log files via Filebeat to Logstash and then Elasticsearch

I am exploring on Elastic Stack and working on creating a pipeline to fetch logs via filbeat/metricbeat to logstash and then to Elasticsearch. I have updated the filebeat.yml/metricbeat.yml and logstash.conf file.

Could you please help me clarify if we need to start filebeat/metricbeat and then run logstash. Or first i need to start Elasticsearch and then filebeat/metricbeat.

If yes then please help me the commands to start filebeat!


@warkolm Can you plz help me here?

Please have patience - you posted this thread on the weekend when people are likely to not be working, and don't ping people that aren't already part of your thread.

Okay sure!

To ingest the data to elasticsearch it need to be up and running so Start elasticsearch first then you can start filebeat/metricbeat
if elasticsearch output configured in .yml files of filebeat/metricbeat.
If logstash is confiugured as output start logstash then beats.

  1. elasticsearch
  2. logstash
  3. filebeat/metricbeat

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