Translate Filter Error, Not Getting file Path?

I am working on 7.14.1 Elasticsearch version. I am running it using docker-compose file. I have different files in json format. I am trying to read all those files in logstash config file but I am getting error. I think it is not reading file path.
My Translate filter.

translate {
        field => "[NotifyEventAdvanceRequestModel][Transaction][TransactionType]"
        destination => "[Trans: Type]"
        dictionary_path => "/home/caaryadmin/docker-elk/padam/TransactionType.json"

I am getting this error

After error logstash crash and automatically down.

It says the file does not exist or cannot be opened. That could be that you have not mounted the volume in the docker image or it could be a file permissions problem.

Yes Badger You are right, I have not mounted the file in docker-compose. After mounted the file, it's working fine.

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