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hi i want to add some info in the event that a list of specific ips are contacted, from what i've seen the translate filter should be able to do this but i dont know if where to place it correctly below is not working

if [event_id] == 3 {
  mutate {
    add_field => { "action" => "networkconnect" }
    rename => {
      "[event_data][DestinationHostname]" => "host_dst_name"
      "[event_data][DestinationIp]" => "ip_dst"
      "[event_data][DestinationIsIpv6]" => "ip_dst_isipv6"
      "[event_data][DestinationPort]" => "port_dst_number"
      "[event_data][DestinationPortName]" => "port_dst_name"
      "[event_data][Initiated]" => "network_initiated"
      "[event_data][Protocol]" => "network_protocol"
      "[event_data][SourceHostname]" => "host_src_name"
      "[event_data][SourceIp]" => "ip_src"
      "[event_data][SourceIsIpv6]" => "ip_src_isipv6"
      "[event_data][SourcePort]" => "port_src_number"
      "[event_data][SourcePortName]" => "port_src_port_name"
   translate {
    field => "ip_dst"
     destination => "MaliciousIP"
     dictionary_path => /home/ssi/HELK/helk-logstash/firehol_BadIp4.yaml'
  geoip {
    source => "ip_dst"
    remove_field => "[geoip][ip]"


the yaml file has the following format


im using this "receipie"

except i changed the logstash code to fit my current setup - with little success so far..

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

mutate and translate are two separate filters, so can not be nested like you have done. You need to place the translate filter after the mutate filter.


But still with the same filter statement right ? So i just move it outside the mutate section - right

Thanks for the Quick reply you rock

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