Translation in 7.0.0 no longer possible!? Please help

Hi there,

I upgraded from ELK 6.5.4 to 7.0.0 due to some reasons.

Logstash 6.5.4 works like a charme and all Data translated as expected with this entry in my config:

translate {
		field => "getkArticle"
		destination => "Family"
		override => true
		dictionary_path => "C:/Dict/dict_fam.csv"

But my Test instance 7.0.0 is no longer working, but why ?

The csv has over 500000 entries and is build like this:


However, Logstash 7.0.0 is not accpeting this any longer and said:

Translate: Missing or stray quote in line 1 when loading dictionary file ...

The csv is still the same and truly bad if it is no longer working in 7.0.0

So please what should I do to bring it back to work ?

Thanks for any help

For those who'd interested it is solved by replacing




However this step is not neccessary in 6.5.4 using the same file!


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